Kindling Curousity!

Our platform believes in making your children self-dependent and fuelling their curiosity as much as we can. We want students to indulge in self-studies and get personalized attention at the same time to ensure better quality of education.

Detailed Statistics of our Company

Doubtout aims to promote self studies in kids and to make more independent. We want you to study whenever you want and ask as many doubts as you want and in our app, as opposed to being restricted by a tuition. Any question, any concept, we will take care of it for you!

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Awesome Features

Academically Proficient Tutors Guaranteed

All our tutors belong to renowned engineering institutes (IIT, BITS, NIT).

Real Time Doubt Solving Experience

We solve all our doubts via writing while step by step explaining every concept. The student can also talk to the tutor

Unlimited Concept Clearing Sessions

A student can ask the tutor to explain him/her a particular concept or topic that is unclear.

Fueling the Curiosity

We don’t restrict our services to the scope of the class syllabus. Students can ask anything from us. ANYTHING!

Groups for Sharing Knowledge

Students can form groups among themselves where every doubt asked by anyone in the group will be displayed and saved in the group

Regular Track of your Childs Progress

You can keep a check on the regular progress of your child by checking which topic he has studied and how manydoubts he has asked.

Flexibility to the Students

A student won’t have any restrictions of tuition and can play whenever he wants and study by himself and get any doubt cleared

Cost Effective

Our services are cheaper than the fees of any tuition center and give your child personalized attention from qualified tutors


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₹600 /mo


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₹5600 /yr


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